T-Shirt 的构想由来。

谢谢 Ahric Wong, Angel Bin, May 依敏, Ziyu Goh 的 design。发现到三个都有优点,就把它们 gabung 起来。

Yang Bin 的构想。

前面牵手的是系连妙结?全部人牵手啊,在主里是一家人咯,然后后面的红心是妙爱吧~XD ~~~~~~ from Yang Bin

Zi Yu and May 的构想。

At the back of the d=shirt have many children holding their hands and become so happy to see one of their friend who is flying up to fit the puzzle into. And the balloons the girl hold can key in the 圣灵的果子.
The puzzle is our fellowship theme

In front of the t-shirt I have no idea…So I just choose the design of superman. Instead, I change superman to JESUS. This design show that our JESUS is our savior!!
The infront of the shirt is simple but just nice. But the colour I think is not suit….but I dunno how to choose the colour, hehe~~

The side of the shirt still remain as the old black shirt. It is our fellowship logo~ ~~~~ from Zi Yu and May